Possible to access data from the Artifact?

The “amazon-ebs” source will capture the ID of the AMI it builds in the Artifact.
Can I access a field in the Artifact directly in a post-processor?
The “shell-local” will let you inject environment variables into a shell environment. I want to insert the Artifact.artifact_id into the environment.
This is what the manifest looks like:

      "name": "fedora",
      "builder_type": "amazon-ebs",
      "build_time": 1696147608,
      "files": null,
      "artifact_id": "us-east-2:ami-0123456789abcdef0",
      "packer_run_uuid": "3b8a62b7-xxxx-675d-xxxx-bcxxaafxxae",
      "custom_data": null