Possible to use OIDC auth engine with a cloud provider to get access to Vault via a web application?

Hi, I’m new to Vault and learning about the auth methods.

In the documentation there are good instructions for setting up OIDC with various OAuth providers for both CLI and Web UI access. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the purpose of the OIDC auth method here, but would it be possible to have a web application URL as redirect instead of just cli and web ui of the Vault host?

Or is this what the platform specific OAuth methods (Azure, AWS… etc) are for?
Specifically I’m using Azure, and I liked the convenience of the user group mapping in the Azure x OIDC example, so that’s why I’m trying to see if it can be used for the purpose of using the vault API from a web application. So is the case that for programmatic access from another application, I shouldn’t use the OIDC auth method like this?