PostgreSQL admin tools

Perhaps a dumb question, but I’ve been reading through some of the docs and learn guides for Boundary, and one scenario that I’ve not found explicitly answered is how much flexibility I have with communicating with (in my use-case) a PostgreSQL database from a SQL admin tool like Data Grip or PG Workbench. All the guides seem to prefer cli psql commands. We want to move our DBs into private subnets and utilize Boundary to access them, but there are several devs who would not be able to complete their work without a desktop or locally run, containerized tool.

Once I’ve logged in, what are my constraints around how I can communicate with the target db from my machine? Does Boundary intercept traffic to the target over the port?

Hi Sam,

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think your question boils down to, “does Boundary enforce the use of specific tools over a connection?”

The answer to this is no, Boundary is only concerned with setting up a TCP connection between a user’s laptop and the target port that an administrator has defined.

If your devs have been able to point a tool directly at a PostgreSQL previously, then (I imagine) you can just point the tool at localhost:XXXX where XXXX is the local port that Boundary has opened for the connection to the DB.

I hope that helps!

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That is what I was trying to nail down, thank you!

You’re very welcome :bowing_man:

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