"precondition" in lifecycle not working for "google_spanner_instance" resource

I am trying to create spanner instance using TF resource and also wanted to check the input variable before creating and for that I am using “precondition” in lifecycle with resource “google_spanner_instance”, but it’s giving below error.

│ Error: Unsupported block type

“google_spanner_instance” “test”:

precondition {
Blocks of type “precondition” are not expected here.

PFB the code used.
resource “google_spanner_instance” “test” {
config = “nam-eur-asia1”
display_name = “Multi Regional Instance”
num_nodes = var.num_nodes
labels = {
“foo” = “bar”
project = “ad-test-inv-acc-lvl”
lifecycle {
precondition {
condition = var.num_nodes>=1
error_message = “Nodes cannot be more than 1”

Is there any other way to validate the input variable to the TF resource?

Help appreciated.


Reason for above error is the TF version we are using doesn’t support precondition, it’s supported from v1.2.0
Closing this.