Prevent Waypoint Entrypoint from clearning configuration upon vault token expiration

We’ve had an issue now a couple times where our Vault token expires and instead of holding the current configuration like I assume it should, the entrypoint clears out the configuration and all of the applications fail. Is there any way to configure the entrypoint to ignore the failed vault connection and just allow the application to run with the current secrets and config?

Hey @dwanek, thanks for reaching out about this! Currently there’s no way to configure the entrypoint in this way, I’d recommend opening a feature request for this on our GitHub repo!

On the Vault front though, I recommend trying another auth method which doesn’t require a regular token refresh (maybe the approle method). Or, you could configure Vault Agent to periodically update Waypoint with a new Vault token. The command for Vault Agent could use waypoint config source-set to update the token.

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