Problem with EC2 Tag made by CloudFormation

Terraform v0.12.28

  • v2.70.0

I’m describing existing infrastructure with terrafrom, using terraform import to add resources. Some security groups have tags made by AWS CloudFormation. Terraform can’t accept or recreate them.

Tags look like this: aws:cloudformation:logical-id

I’ve tried to put those tags as is in resource "aws_security_group" and as a separate resource:

resource "aws_ec2_tag" "security_group_name-tags" {
  for_each = {
        "aws:cloudformation:stack-name": "amazon-ecs-stack-name",
        "aws:cloudformation:stack-id": "stack-id"
        "aws:cloudformation:logical-id": "logical-id"

  resource_id =
  key         = each.key
  value       = each.value

terraform plan shows no errors.
terraform apply in both situations gives me:

InvalidParameterValue: Value ( '' ) for parameter Tag key is invalid. Tag key cannot be null or empty.

What could be the problem?

did you git an ansewr?