Problem with setting role grants

I try to connect to a target with following command:

boundary connect -target-id ttcp_YrLzMjBym4 -listen-port 9200

When I add a grant to my role like following it works (obviously, as it is a wildcard):


when trying to narrow the scope down to only that certain target I can not connect anymore:


Error output with the second grant configuration:

Error from controller when performing authorize-session against target: 
Error information:
  Message:             Forbidden
  Status:              403

This is which will be fixed in the shortly-upcoming 0.1.3. Sorry about that!

Thanks for the info! When will 0.1.3 be available in the ubuntu repos? I see it is released on the github page, but neither the ubuntu repo nor the HC download page points to it yet.

On 0.1.3 It doesn’t work.

Did you recreate it? On 0.1.2 it would have lowercased the grant thus causing it to (still) not match. Remove the grant and add it again if you haven’t already.

Thanks. I recreated the role. It’s ok.