Problems with the consul backend

Hi guys,

I’ve run into a problem with using consul 1.7.2 as a backend for latest terraform

In my org’s consul, we don’t have write access to the default namespace.

in terraform, we don’t have a place to list the namespace that will be used to PUT the state into consul. so, i’m getting access denied when trying to store the state.

I’ve confirmed this is the case by firing up a man in the middle proxy, rewriting the request to include a namepace i have access to and observing that it writes the state just fine.

the namespace value for KV is here:

and here:

this is not being consumed by terraform. I’m on master with a local checkout. In testing a local build of terraform i notice that it’s pinned to an old version of the api client here:

I’m happy to submit a PR to fix this, if it’s not something that’s in the pipe already.