Provider AWS: restore to point in time for DocumentDB

Hi everyone, I’m preparing few TF config files in case our data stores (one RDS cluster and one DocumentDB cluster) need to be restored in case of emergency.
I’ve already added

  dynamic "restore_to_point_in_time" {
    for_each = var.restore_time_point
    content {
      restore_time                  = restore_to_point_in_time.value["restore_time"]
      source_db_instance_identifier = restore_to_point_in_time.value["db_instance_id"]
      use_latest_restorable_time    = restore_to_point_in_time.value["restore_from_latest"]

in the aws_db_instance resource in our module for RDS, with restore_time_point defauting to an empty list.
I’m trying to accomplish the same with DocumentDB, but it seems that the aws_docdb_cluster resource does not support restore to point in time, but only restore from a snapshot. I there a way to use the point in time restore also for DocumentDB in Terraform?
Thank you
_ Fabio