Provider.azurerm does not support resource type for azurerm_policy_remediation

Hi Team,

We are getting the failed with azurerm_policy_remediation due to rovider.azurerm does not support resource type.can you please help me on that.we are impacting the client deliverables due provider dont support.

Error: Invalid resource type

on modules\az-cost-vm-win-moniter-policy\ line 358, in resource “azurerm_policy_remediation” “CNM-LinuxVMPolicy-Remediation”:
358: resource “azurerm_policy_remediation” “CNM-LinuxVMPolicy-Remediation” {

The provider provider.azurerm does not support resource type

Terraform Version : 0.14
Azurerm Version : 3.9.0

Example Syntax :

resource “azurerm_policy_remediation” “CNM-LinuxVMPolicy-Remediation” {
name = “${var.prefix}-automation-linux-policy-remediation”
scope = azurerm_subscription_policy_assignment.CNM-LinuxVMPolicy-Assignment.subscription_id
policy_assignment_id =



I am getting this same error