Provider does not support data soure

Trying to develop a simple datasource provider which reads a yaml file
I keep getting the error

on line 14, in data "serviceregistry_services" "services":
  14: data "serviceregistry_services"  "services" {}

The provider provider.serviceregistry does not support data source

with terraform

data "serviceregistry_services"  "services" {}


func Provider() *schema.Provider {
	return &schema.Provider{
		Schema: map[string]*schema.Schema{
			"filename": &schema.Schema{
				Type:        schema.TypeString,
				Optional:    true,
				Sensitive:   false,
				DefaultFunc: schema.EnvDefaultFunc("SERVICEREGISTRY_FILENAME", nil),
		DataSourcesMap: map[string]*schema.Resource{
			"serviceregistry_services ": dataSourceAllServices(),
		ConfigureContextFunc: providerConfigure,

Full trace output terraform trace output · GitHub

I’ve even gone as far as commenting all file read logic out of it but it keeps getting not found, I’m stumped . any idea how I can troubleshoot ? i’ve tried to step through code with dlv but It just

There’s an extra space after “serviceregistry_services”.

facepalm… thanks alot … been staring at this for too long