Provider Plugin Framework - Data Source with No ID

Trying to utilize the new plugin framework for use in a custom provider and wondering how best to handle a data source that returns a list of items with their own IDs but does not have an ID itself (for the list). Do you normally assign a date/time as ID? Will that cause issues as the ID is refreshed each time it is pulled in?

Initially I didn’t bother setting an ID but when I tried to create some testing around the data source it screamed at me for lack of an ID associated with the data source:

testing_new_config.go:81: no "id" found in attributes
    testing_new.go:53: no "id" found in attributes

The testing creating the error:

func TestAccCloudsDataSource(t *testing.T) {
	resource.Test(t, resource.TestCase{
		PreCheck:                 func() { testAccPreCheck(t) },
		ProtoV6ProviderFactories: testAccProtoV6ProviderFactories,
		Steps: []resource.TestStep{
			// Read testing
				Config: testAccCloudsDataSourceConfig,
				Check: resource.ComposeAggregateTestCheckFunc(
					resource.TestCheckTypeSetElemAttr("data.myexample_clouds.test", "clouds", "1"),

const testAccCloudsDataSourceConfig = `
data "myexample_clouds" "test" {}

The error appears before it ever runs the TestCheckTypeSetElemAttr() call.