Providers lock command downloads the provider in every directory

Recently we migrated to terraform 0.14 and checked in the .terraform.lock.hcl for all the modules. We use terragrunt to use run-all plan/apply in these modules

Now we need to add hashes for linux_amd64 to all the lock files, because it fails to install provider with the below message when we plan/apply in CD pipelines

Error: Failed to install provider

Error while installing hashicorp/template v2.2.0: the current package for 2.2.0 doesn't match any of the
checksums previously recorded in the dependency lock file

Locally, when trying to include linux_amd64 hashes in the lock file using terraform providers lock -platform=linux_amd64 command, I noticed it downloads the provider for each dir. I have the TF_PLUGIN_CACHE_DIR env variable available