Provisioner "remote-exec" - how to clean up temporary terraform files

I have some templates using null-resource and executing remote-exec commands via ssh or winrm. When the target execution is complete there are files left on the target systems
c:\temp\terraform_nnnnnnnn.cmd on windows
/tmp/ on linux.

These are never cleaned up even if I run a destroy/delete on the template instance.

Is there a way to clean these up after the remote-exec has completed without errors?

Here is a sample template that outlines what we are doing …

 resource "null_resource" "TEST" {
   connection {
        type = "winrm"
        user = "Administrator"
        password = "passw0rd"
        host = ""
   provisioner "file" {
        source      = "script.ps1"
        destination = "C:\\temp\\script.ps1"
   provisioner "remote-exec" {
       inline = [ 
           "powershell.exe  -File C:\\temp\\script.ps1"