Provisioning of Azure FrontDoor timeout issue with Managed Certificates + afdverify

I am trying to provision an Azure Front Door via terraform and ADO. I need to add a custom domain to Front Door and plan to use FrontDoor Managed certs. The problem is this custom domain is already in production. So as per MS documentation I have created an afdverify CNAME DNS record and provisioned the Front Door. But the problem is terraform apply task is waiting for the provisioning of the Front Door Managed Certs to complete and eventually timeout after 60 mins(default timeout). As part of Front Door Managed cert provisioning there is a manual step where Digicert would send an email to validate the domain ownership. Now this will be taken care by another SSL team. We would need to coordinate with that team to validate the domain. Is there a way were we can make terraform apply to return successfully instead of timing out by waiting for FronDoor managed cert to be complete?

terraform Verion - 0.15.2 Azurerm provider - 2.80.0