Python AzurermProvider on-zero exit code 1

Can’t get the AzurermProvider right

AzurermProvider(self, 'AzureRm', 
      features= []


File "./", line 21, in MyStack
    AzurermProvider(self, 'AzureRm', features= [])   
⠸ synthesizing ...
non-zero exit code 1

I used export CDKTF_LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG and noticed the error is

NameError: name 'self' is not defined

not related to features as I initially thought…looks like I forgot about python identation and AzurermProvider was not inside def init()

Does it mean it’s working for you now?

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Correct, it is fine now, DEBUG was very helpful to find out the issue is not with features. Of course features= [{}]