Queries around the provideer version and terraform version

Please refer below screenshot:

As per my providerding below terraform v1.2.6 indicates terraform version
and version 3.79.0 indicating provider version

is my above statement correct?

I have below 2 questions

2. what does require version(line number 3) indicates is it for provider or terraform?
3. we have already given >2.0 so what >=0.15 indicates?


The “required_version” is for terraform.

The “version” is for the azurerm provider.

Your first statement is correct. Regarding the other two questions…

The top configuration example declares that:

  1. This module requires at least Terraform CLI/Core v0.15.
  2. This module requires the provider plugin hashicorp/azurerm, using the shorthand “azurerm” when referring to it elsewhere in this module, and that the module requires at least version 2.0 of that provider.

The terraform version output below indicates that:

  1. You are running Terraform CLI/Core v1.2.6
  2. terraform init has selected v3.79.0 of hashicorp/azurerm, and recorded that selection in the dependency lock file. (The list of providers in terraform version is really just a summary of the information in the dependency lock file, which is what Terraform CLI uses to find the selected providers.)
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