Question about automating Azure security center Auto provisioning - Extensions

Please I am trying to automate azure security center auto provisioning using terraform but the resource azurerm_security_center_auto_provisioning seems inadequate. Setting auto_provision = “On” only turns on Log Analytics agent for Azure VMs but theres no way to enable Policy Add-on for Kubernetes and Microsoft Dependency agent (preview) extensions (at least non that i’ve found yet).

resource "azurerm_security_center_auto_provisioning" "example" {
  auto_provision = "On"

Also the the [Edit configuration] link in the portal under Log Analytics agent for Azure VMs takes you to a page where you can further configure your settings like Connect Azure VMs to a different workspace and you can Select the level of data to store such as All Events, minimal, common and none but I can’t seem to find a way to set all this up using terraform. Please is there some azurerm resource that I am unaware of or is this not a feature that is supported by the provider at this time.

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