Question regarding new resource for azure log analytics workspace table

I wanted to try and implement the new resource for the tables in the log analytics workspace in Azure. Because it’s so new the functionalities seem to be limited with there even being a note saying that tables will not be created or deleted, as well as the PR for the feature talking about mangling retention at the moment.

When I ran terraform plan it wants to create the table (logical but still, it says it can’t actually do that, nor do I want it to). There are no ids on the tables themselves as far as I can see so I don’t think it’s possible to import them beforehand, but I’m also reluctant to simply “give it a go” and see if everything implodes or not since I’m not doing this on my own pet project.

Has anyone used it and knows if this is as it should be for this resource? Did anyone already try using this new resource and was successful?

I’ve already tried googling but its such a new resource there really is barely anything about it at all. The way I’ve tried to implement it is just as the given example in the documentation.

[Resource link]