Question - vSphere VM Cloning

Hello, I am trying to get some information in regards to deploying VM in vsphere using a VM template.

Within vCenter there are two Datacenters (UAT & PROD) defined within each DC are multiple clusters within.

Is it possible to use Terraform to deploy a VM into a cluster under PROD using a template which is sitting within a cluster under DC (UAT)?

I have done this in practice and seems like the template has to be atleast within the same DC where the VM will be deployed to (cluster doesn’t matter). If the template isn’t within the DC I was seeing an error during “plan” phase that it couldn’t find the template as defined within the config.

Only when I copied the template to PROD DC - I was able to do perform TF deployment to a cluster within PROD DC.

I just want to confirm that this is the right way and there isn’t something I am missing. Thank you for taking out the time to reply back.