Rabbitmq engine issue

Guys, i have the issues

leases generated by rabbitmq engine revokes after 32 days
my config:

vault read rabbitmq_all/config/lease
max_ttl 8760h
ttl 8760h

curl -k --header “X-Vault-Token:s.LZPr68cs0osiCTxWewu9cG8w”


but leases revoke after 32 days

could you tell me what could be the reason?


vault read sys/config/state/sanitized

to check your system-wide lease_ttl settings.

vault read sys/config/state/sanitized | grep ttl


default_lease_ttl 0s
max_lease_ttl 0s

it is correct ?
default_lease_ttl 0s
max_lease_ttl 0s

When these values are zero, they are effectively set to 32 days internally to Vault.

So this seems quite possibly relevant.

I don’t fully understand what’s going on, though, as I thought that the values you have set at

would override the system-wide defaults.

Still, try raising max_lease_ttl in your Vault configuration file, and see if it helps.