RAFT vs File Storage

Hi Team,

We have just started using HashiCorp Vault.I am a bit confused in understanding the difference between file storage vs raft as in configuration file for the both the types we provide local file system path where the data has to be resided.

storage “raft” {
path = “/vault/file”

storage “file” {
path = “/vault/file”

You can read about each backend here:

Thanks Mike for sharing this.I read this.

Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.
Basically both file and raft uses local system as the storage backend but with raft you have multiple nodes and each node has a copy of the data to keep vault highly available.

Just to get the nomencalture down … RAFT is a protocol and how nodes talk to each other – Integrated Storage is the storage mechanism.
To answer your question – it’s a little more complex than just “multiple copies” but yeah essential you have a more resilient vault instance when you have a multi-node setup. You do have to have a LoadBalancer and VIP in front of the instances as well to ensure availability.