Random-like provider getting input from http(s) requests

I am trying to find out if a provider for my use case already exist or if I need to create a new one :slight_smile: But the keywoards I came up with are really unspecific so I am having no luck googling and searching through the provider database.

My use case is: I have a webservice that is giving me input parameters for my terraform. It is a service that creates unique hostnames. So what I need to do is get a hostname from a simple web service that is simply outputting a name like “server1” next call will output “server2” etc.
That information then needs to be saved in state until I retire the resources. From my understanding the official http (data) provider is unsuitable for this because it would create a new hostname on each call. Therefore my question – is there a provider that is like the random provider. That will store http output in state until it’s deleted.