RDS PostGres instance being destroyed and Created

I am using Terraform version 1.6.5
I am using the latest version of AWS provider.
we use Terraform cloud.

I used aws rds module to provision postgres rds.
The code that creates the resource is here:

Multi AZ is set to false
engine = “postgres”
engine_version = “14.7”
family = “postgres14” # DB parameter group
major_engine_version = “14”
apply_immediately = false
auto_minor_version_upgrade = true
allow_major_version_upgrade = false

We did not specify the availability_zone value as it is optional. I mention this because of this issue with the rds cluster resource/aws_rds_cluster_instance is being destroyed and re-created when adding new resources in the tf file. · Issue #31558 · hashicorp/terraform-provider-aws · GitHub

Recently a minor change was made which did not make any changes to RDS. However the new plan that trigger shows RDS will be destroyed and created again.
typically terraform does a good job showing up that attribute that causes a resource to be replaced.
However, my plan just shows 1 instance destroyed and a new instance is being created.

Only thing that I found was
storage_encrypted : false change to true

storage_encypted was set to true.
However, we are creating this database from a snapshot of a database where storage_encypted was set to false.

I need help in finding out what rds instance is being destroyed and created when we did not change anything related to the RDS instance. Currently, this is happening in Dev but we plan to provision our production instance on Monday. We fear that this may happen in our production db instance as well.

Thanks for your help.

Can you share your TF plan and your RDS module codeblock ?