Re-use manually created aks boostrapping resource group for k8s service?

I am using something similar to this:

to create a managed k8s AKS cluster.

But before getting to that I manually create a separate resource group with a storage account for the remote tfstate file with:


az group create --name "$K8S_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_RG" --location "$LOCATION"

az storage account create \
    --resource-group "${K8S_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_RG}" \
    --name "${K8S_STORAGE_ACCOUNT}" \
    --sku "${SKU}" \
    --encryption-services blob \
    --kind StorageV2    

ACCOUNT_KEY=$(az storage account keys list --resource-group "${K8S_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_RG}" --account-name "${K8S_STORAGE_ACCOUNT}" --query [0].value -o tsv)

az storage container create --name "${K8S_CONTAINER_NAME}" --account-name "${K8S_STORAGE_ACCOUNT}" --account-key "${ACCOUNT_KEY}"

When that is done I am ready to run terraform init, plan and apply:

terraform init -upgrade \
    -backend-config="storage_account_name=${K8S_STORAGE_ACCOUNT}" \
    -backend-config="container_name=${K8S_CONTAINER_NAME}" \

But instead of creating yet another resource group with terraform:

resource "azurerm_resource_group" "k8s" {
  name = var.resource_group
  location = var.location

I am considering to just reuse the boostrapping resource group (that basically just contains the storage account for the remote tfstate file):


passing that name to my file.

But am I missing some obvious downsides by reusing that resource group instead of creating a new one?