Reboot vsphere instance using ansible provisioner - timeout


I am currently trying to reboot the vsphere build in the post provisioner steps taken by ansible. I’ve tried several different was to do this including

- name: Reboot the server
   shell: "sleep 5 && reboot"
       async: 1
       poll: 0
- name: Wait for the reboot and reconnect 
    port: 22
    host: '{{ (ansible_ssh_host|default(ansible_host))|default(inventory_hostname) }}'
    search_regex: OpenSSH
    delay: 10
    timeout: 60


- name: reboot

This is what my packer’s build.json looks like:

"provisioners": [
          "type": "ansible",
          "playbook_file": "../ansible/deploy-kvm.yml",
          "use_proxy": false,
          "extra_arguments": [ "-vv", "--extra-vars", "XXXdefault_password_hash='{{user `default_password_hash`}}' ansible_become_pass='{{ user `ansible_become_pass`}}'" ]

However, I still continue to timeout even as I increase the timeout delay. Is there a better way to accomplish a reboot during the provisioning phase with packer? Thank you.