Redshift Cluster Resizing

Needing to understand how to resizing a Redshift cluster that has been deployed via Terraform.

When initially provisioning a Redshift cluster, we explicitly state the node type & number.

resource “aws_redshift_cluster” “this” {
cluster_identifier = var.cluster_identifier
cluster_version = var.cluster_version
node_type = var.cluster_node_type
number_of_nodes = var.cluster_number_of_nodes


However, from AWS docs, resizing appears not to be a simple matter for specifying a new size or number of nodes. It involves taking a backup, metadata migration, session management, data redistribution.
The whole process can be triggered via console or CLI (resize-cluster)

In many respects I am happy to use the CLI, but also aware that Terraform will then be out of sync with physical resources…

AM hoping that someone has done this before an advise how to best perform the resize and sync with Terraform (or at least not cause issue with terraform)

Appreciate any guidance…