Reference into object inside terrraform


let say I have an object with some JSON structure.
I created that object with custom terraform resource provider.
Let say that object has structure
“uuid”: “30b22cb1-014b-4d39-b375-d717627ecef8”,
“provider_id”: “24d5a858-b852-4191-a474-eebdf3486a0b”,
“roles”: [
“hostname”: “admin”,
“mgmt_ip”: “xxxx”,
“userName”: “xxxx”,
“password”: “xxxx”,
“guid_id”: “xxxxx”

Let say I have another object type which depends on previous .
I can use guid_id of that object.
To create another object i need some of attributes from first one.
Is it possible to pass “guid_id” of that object and get all remaining attributes inside provider using that guid_id. In this case I do not need to list all attributes as input parameters

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No, there is no access to other resource instances within a Terraform state, from within a provider method.