Referencing Private DNS in another environment tree

Hello, I have inherited a terraform script that was originally designed by a 3rd party, although I understand most of the structure, some areas are still foreign and I have been attempting to clean up. My current issue is an attempt to implement a Private Endpoint for a resource in one environment tree and have the DNS dynamically update which is located in another environment tree. I am including a crude image attached to kind of show my tree structure.

So in this case, I need to see if its possible to have terraform reference a value that belongs to another branch that isnt under the same root.

Under my terraform_environments (“folder”)>modules>environment_resources>> i have the following entry for my private endpoint:

resource “azurerm_private_endpoint” “pefunctionprint” {
name = “privatelink${}”
location = var.location
resource_group_name =
subnet_id =
tags = merge(var.tags, {created_by=var.created_by}, {owner=var.owner}, {role=“endpoint”})

private_dns_zone_group {
name =
private_dns_zone_ids = [/subscriptions/9508c080-c9f4-etcetcetc/resourceGroups/resourcegroupname/yadayada…]

private_service_connection {
name = “privateserviceconnection${}”
private_connection_resource_id =
is_manual_connection = false
subresource_names = [“sites”]

The DNS Zone i am trying to reference is under:
terraform_network_hub (“folder”)>modules>hub-resources>
here is the code for one of dns zones i am trying to reference:

resource “azurerm_private_dns_zone” “dnsprivateazweb” {
name = “
resource_group_name =

I have reviewed several documentation sites and forums but cant seem to piece this one together right. I recognize I am likely not including all the right information for you to easily assist me, but I am more than happy to provide as much information as I can in an effort to find a conclusion to this. A few additional details, this is for Azure, the branches and modules in question are in separate terraform root folders, but the resources in azure are at least referenceable between subscriptions. (I also apologize for any incorrect terms I have used. I’m willing to update my vernacular as we go)

Any assistance I am able to get would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance.

I am starting to think what I am requesting might not be possible as I have not been able to find a solution. If its not, please let me know and I can close this post.

Thank you again in advance.