Referencing resources

I am having 2 different terraform modules for installing 2 different component, 1 for building eks cluster , another for installing application . I have setup eks cluster successfully . However on installing application I am getting the error.

│ Error: Provider configuration not present
│ To work with module.aws_cloud_infra.module.vpc.aws_route.private_nat_gateway[0] (orphan) its original provider configuration at
│ module.aws_cloud_infra.provider[""] is required, but it has been removed. This occurs when a provider configuration is removed while objects
│ created by that provider still exist in the state. Re-add the provider configuration to destroy module.aws_cloud_infra.module.vpc.aws_route.private_nat_gateway[0] (orphan), after
│ which you can remove the provider configuration again.

Any idea , how to reference previoustly created cluster.

The error message posted, and description of the goal, do not appear to match.

In any case, it would be a lot easier to offer clear advice on how to proceed, if you show your code. Doing so in a Git repository is best, as multiple modules in different directories are involved, and that can be hard to follow in a bunch of files copy/pasted into a forum post.