Referencing vSphere vlan ID

I am new to Terraform and using the vSphere provider for deploying server on premise. Before I was using PowerCLI. The issue I am running into is with referencing the vlan in my tf file. Below is the section I am dealing with.

data “vsphere_network” “network” {
name = var.vlanid
datacenter_id =

The online documentation give this as the argument reference for name

*name - (Required) The name of the network. This can be a name or path.

But there is no indication if this is the actual ID or not. When using PowerCLI I just passed the actual vlan ID such as 2200. However, when I passed

name = ‘2200’

it kept failing with the error it could not find 2200. I finally realized it wants the label of the vlan and not the vlan id. So if the label name is something like “vlan2200_Prod” then I would need to pass

name = ‘vlan2200_Prod’

The problem is our vmware team may label some of them with information that is not easy to logically derive in a script. I really want to use the actual vlan id in my tf file. The main reason is when we query our network resource for the network information such as the static ip to use in the build they only pass back the vlan id. They have no idea what the label would be.

Is there a way to use the actual vlan id and not the label?