Regarding Cross provider images

I have an existing image with Jenkins installed and running with jobs created. Now I want to migrate from AWS to Azure with the same image I have on AWS.

is it possible to do this with a packer?

Did you use Packer to create the image on Azure? If so, then you can replace the Azure builder with an AWS builder and should be able to rebuild the image in AWS. If not, Packer doesn’t have tooling to handle migrations for you. You’d need to export the image from Azure and import it to AWS.

Does the packer provide an export option? I could see only imports and export GCP compute.
And to be clear again, I have an EC2 instance on AWS. I need to create an image of the same using packer. The same image I need to move to Azure, I mean migrate from Aws to Azure.
is it possible with Packer?
What I understand from Documentation is, I can build cross-provider images from scratch using the builders and provisioners in the same template.

If you have an existing EC2 AMI that you want to change to work with Azure then Packer isn’t the right tool.

However if you are creating that AMI using Packer (or want to) then you can add an Azure builder to also create an image there at the same time. We do something similar to make both AMIs in AWS as well as VMware images.

Thanks, Staurt-c. I was just waiting for the same answer. I knew i can build a new Images parallelly from the same packer template.

Unfortunately, Packer doesn’t have plugins for exporting from Amazon, or for importing to Azure. There’s an amazon-import post-processor, but that’s going the wrong direction for you.