Register service from web with path in consul. Get this service in ocelot.consul with .NET Core

I’m using consul API to register the service. I want to register API from WEB with path, for example

PUT -> http://localhost:8500/v1/agent/service/register?replace-existing-checks=true
    "Name": "Corona",
    "Port": null,
    "Address": ""

In consul UI address is, and when I want to get this in Ocelot.Consul it doesn’t work:

“ReRoutes”: [
“DownstreamPathTemplate”: “/”,
“DownstreamScheme”: “https”,
“ServiceName”: “Corona”,
“UpstreamHttpMethod”: [ “Get” ],
“UpstreamPathTemplate”: “/CoronaApi/”
“GlobalConfiguration”: {
“ServiceDiscoveryProvider”: {
“Host”: “localhost”,
“Port”: 8500,
“PollingInterval”: 5000

In my case, part “/api/v1/” must be registered in consul. I want to save “DownstreamPathTemplate”: “/api/v1/” in consul not in Api gateway. Api gateway must get this part from the consul.
Finally, I would like to receive data from the path: https://localhost:8500/CoronaApi/cases/countries-search
Any ideas?