Release with Docker plugin

TL;DR; Is there any production ready way for releasing a Docker application with Waypoint?

After following the Docker tutorial I’ve realized there’s no release stanza. Furthermore there’s no way to access my application other than the vanity URL generated by Waypoint which is not intended for production use.

Also, I’ve realized Waypoint is allocating a random port to the Container on each new Deployment, so if I want to point an HTTP proxy to serve requests from my deployed apps there’s still some manual work to be done.

So I’m asking for a simple fully automated way of releasing apps with Waypoint and Docker. Is there any official way for doing so?

Hi @Tylerian!

The reason there isn’t a release plugin for docker is that there isn’t a native way to perform any releasing in Docker! Ergo there isn’t really any ability for use to write one because there just isn’t functionality available to do that.

Are you attempting to deploy directly to Docker in production?

Are you attempting to deploy directly to Docker in production?

Yes. The reasoning behind that is I’ve got a Spare dedicated server and want to deploy my containerized apps and personal projects on it in a simple way and Docker fits exactly that purpose. I’m aware of Nomad and other orchestrators but I’m afraid they’re overkill for the most simple production setups out there.

Gotcha! Well, you could try using traefik ( to detect and route traffic to the docker containers based on labels, etc. It has a reasonable amount of configurability so you can probably get something working.

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