Certificate expired!


We are using terraform cloud and already 4-th day in a round it alerts about expired certificate when downloading providers


Please, solve this issue as our CI processes are totally stopped!

After some investigations: it looks like trouble with CDN. CNAME

and not all hosts in CDN got new certificate for ‘’.

In my case hosts with IPs:
still has old expired certificate ‘*’

Hi @slamd64,

The certificate authority that issued some of our certificates has recently had its own certificate expire, and so a common cause for problems like this has been when people are running Terraform on systems that have an outdated database of trusted certificate authority certificates.

If this were the case for you, the resolution would be to update your system’s CA certificate database so it will include the replacement CA certificate and therefore your system should trust the certificates on again.

Although this article is about a previous instance of the same sort of problem, it does contain some information that is relevant to all cases of CA certificates expiring:

If you have up-to-date CA certificates on yourv system but still have this problem, please let me know and we can try to debug further.