Renaming Github Namespace with modules published

If I have a Github team/account which I have published modules from and I rename the team/account, will it break the module? How does Terraform registry handle the renaming?


I got a reply from Hashicorp eventually.

Moving modules isn’t well supported, and if you do it on the github side the registry won’t “actively” pick up that the change has been made.
If someone uses the github “transfer repo to a new org” github will keep the redirect links until someone else takes that org/repo name.
If you’re an author wanting to update the module, the best way to handle this given the registry not doing anything with it, would be to keep the old github org and module but mark it as archived and post a note in the readme linking to the new repo and forking/republishing the module into the new org.
If as an author, you’re okay with end users of your module having failed runs during the migration, you can just delete your module from the public registry and republish with the transferred repo.
Either way you’ll want to “republish” the repo so the webhooks work with the updated repo.