Republishing someone else's provider

Hello! :wave:

We would like to use the provider below, but it hasn’t been updated since 14th Jan 2022. There are some PR’s that haven’t been touched so I believe this provider is no longer being maintained.
codecutout/powerbi | Terraform Registry

I have created a fork and made a load of changes which are working locally. Am I allowed to re-publish this as a new provider on the Terraform Registry? I would like to give credit to the original creator so I would provide a link and credit in the provider description.

Thank you!

Hi @djoy,

I sense that your question is coming at this both from the angle of technical consequences of doing so and from a legal/ethical/politeness angle.

I can only really get into the technical part because this provider is owned by someone else and so it’s not for me to say what might be acceptable to that person, or to offer legal advice.

The main thing I’d draw attention to here is that each fully-qualified provider source address is treated as a totally separate provider as far as Terraform Core is concerned, and so if you publish new builds of the same source code under a different namespace then Terraform will consider it as separate, meaning that you will need to modify any modules which depend on the old source address to use the new one instead.

However, as long as you keep the resource type names unchanged and the resource schemas compatible, it should be sufficient to just change the provider source address and Terraform will try to reuse all of the existing state objects against the new provider, as if the new provider has been the one to originally create them.