Req: return api addr as fqdn instead of ip

When using curl to get e.g. leader info (api /v1/sys/leader) among data returned there is leader_address in ip format like “leader_address”:“”. Leader_cluster_address is returned as fqdn, so would it be possible and does it make sense to return leader_address as fqdn too? Ip is not of much use, especially if something should happen to pod :slight_smile:

The leader address is the redirect address, which should come from you configuration’s api_addr (or redirect_addr in the storage or HA storage block if provided that way). Can you check whether the api_addr is in your config file an IP address?

All data is being “fed” by statefulset and its template has api_addr defined as:

Fix IMHO would be to rewrite that line to be like the vault_cluster_addr that currently returns fqdn