Request for Debugging Recommendation: NXDomain on Nomad w/ Consul Connect deployment DNS query

I am running a Consul + Nomad mesh. I am attempting to reconfigure the Consul DNS, and have run into some issues.

Originally, I began writing this post because I didn’t seem to understand what network.dns.searches accomplishes. I wasn’t able to add a custom domain, e.g., mycompany, that the Consul DNS server on :8600 could successfully query.

I originally believed this also caused an issue querying against the .consul domain. However, I now believe I actually may have screwed up my configuration even more generally and cannot figure out how to debug it.

My network stanza looks like this:

network {

      mode = "bridge"
      port "http" {
        to = "${port}"


My connect stanza looks like this:

connect {

        gateway {
          proxy {

          ingress {
            listener {
              port     = ${1 + port}
              protocol = "tcp"
              service {
                name = "myservice"


The service deploys and is registered. I can see it in the catalog. Unfortunately, if I dig on port 8600 for or myservice.ingress.consul or some custom domain or whatever else, I am provided with an NXDomain answer.

I did change a rather a lot in my machine startup script. So, there may well be something very obvious that I’m forgetting.

How can I debug this? Which configs should I check?