Request new providers for CDKTF

What is the proper way to request new providers from the Hashicorp Team or community for additional CDKTF providers (e.g. XCP-NG and Proxmox)?

Good news: CDKTF already provides out-of-the-box support for all Terraform providers available on the Registry! The CDK does have a subset of the providers called pre-built providers, for which we’ve generated bindings ahead of time and made them available as installable packages as a performance optimization; however, even if the provider you’re interested in isn’t available as a pre-built package, you can still use it as long as it’s available on the Terraform Registry. In our v0.11 release, we made it easier to add providers to your project if you don’t know whether a pre-built provider is available or not with the provider add command.

If the question is about how to get more pre-built providers added, there is a request form here, but fair warning, the threshold to get a request approved is quite high, and we do not plan to add any pre-built wrappers around community providers because of the level of support required from our team to maintain them. You could in theory create your own by using this library to wrap the desired provider, though the process to do so isn’t really documented.

Finally, if there isn’t already a Terraform provider available on the Registry for what you’d like to do (a search for XCP-NG didn’t yield anything for me), you’d need to create the provider and publish it to the Registry before you can use it with CDKTF. The process to create a custom Terraform provider is documented here.

Excellent, Xiehan. This is the information that I needed.

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