Requests: Workspace variables and variable sets for workspaces with local execution

Hi there,

I’m using Terraform Cloud via the TFE provider with a workspace in Execution Mode: Local. I’ve created a variable set that’s global (should be included in all workspaces), and expected the workspace variables API response to include the ones from my variable set, because if I understand correctly, that’s what variable sets are for.

Request 1: Please include variables from variable sets in the workspace variables API as well, respecting the documented precedence for variable conflicts. I understand this is a backward-incompatible change, so maybe add a flag to include them?

From my perspective, this would be the most consistent and intuitive behaviour, and very powerful if you’re not running Terraform within Terraform Cloud, but only use the API and store the state in it (basically Execution Mode: Local).

Request 2: In the same vein, please allow setting workspace-specific variables for workspaces with Execution Mode: Local in the web UI as well.

It does seem the entire feature (variables and variable sets) is currently not meant for workspaces with Execution Mode: Local. But I think it would make a lot of sense, be consistent and very powerful.

Thanks a lot for taking my requests into consideration! :pray:


Yes, totally frustrating not able to use Global/Workspace variables in cli runs.

agreed… this is an issue for me as well