Require resources from PMR

I am trying to use the require from PMR policy, we have a nonprod TFE server and a prod TFE server. the address param is a string value. How is it possible to have as well as in the same sentinel policy.


@frank.lugo I’m not sure which policy you are referring to, but I think I might have a solution that will work for you which will allow you to use a param as a control mechanism. Example

I’m not sure I understand why this is required since you would have a policy set parameter configuration that is unique to the host, but hopefully, this will get you to where you need to be.

If I was configuring the policy set, I would simply have a parameter string value set for each instance of TFE that is the name of the TFE host.

I am trying to use the require-all-resources-from-pmr. The reason we do it this way, is cause we test our code in a nonprod branch pointing to the nonprod tenant, and the master branch pointing to prod tenant. so we would write our testing in a feature branch, then push to a nonprod branch to test the policies on nonprod TFE server, then push to master branch to implement on the prod TFE server. Hopefully that makes sense.