Restrict region in sentinel policy

So we are limiting all resources we create to only certain regions in Azure and GCP. Do I have to call out all resources or is there a wild card for all resources?

You should be able to get this information via a filter of tfplan.resource_changes. You don’t necessarily need to specify types to filter by if you just want everything-

That being said, would you please provide a playground mock so that I can take a look at what’s going on and provide more specific information?

@frank.lugo Just use filter.tfplan to get all the resources and check if the location of those resources are in list of your desired location. Certain resources are global, so you can make an exception list for that too.

@sean.meininger @ashutoshrathore , thanks for the info. I will try to work on getting something today and see what I can figure out. Appreciate the responses.