Retry Apply Logic


Is there any support for a retry logic feature? I imagine it would work like this Auto-retry
where if you catch an error with a specific regex format, it would retry the terraform apply again. This is useful for specific issues with providers that may return before the resource is fully available.

Hi @Zman94,

there is currently no such feature. When I personally encounter timing issues with resource creation, I usually resort to adding a time resource (example of an Aspect for this in the AWS Adapter for IAM stuff: EventualConsistencyWorkaroundAspect).

That said, I think it should usually be the goal to get this fixed in the Terraform provider but sometimes this may not be possible / no goal of the maintainers of some providers.

So, feel free to create a new feature request for this although I cannot promise that we might implement such a feature.

Appreciate the help! I’ll take a look at adding a tiem resource to our terraform code or adding retry logic to our CI/CD pipeline. Thanks!