Reversing archival of MySQL provider

I would like to reverse the archival of this repository : GitHub - hashicorp/terraform-provider-mysql: Terraform MySQL provider – This Terraform provider is archived per our provider archiving process: and maintain it.

The many forks and forks of forks, show that there is a lot of interest and work still done on this provider. We (the company i work for) want to use this provider and maintain it as we don’t want to create yet another fork, but would rather opt for reinstating this official one, and start updating it accordingly.

However the email in the readme is no longer available for questions, which has eventually lead me here. If this is the wrong place for this request please direct me to the correct place.

Hi @baobabfruit88 :wave: Thank you for raising this topic and welcome to HashiCorp Discuss. This was certainly a great place to ask about this, given the outdated README contents.

I will reach out to our product team about this situation, but my hunch is that since providers in the hashicorp GitHub organization are explicitly developed with some form of direct involvement of HashiCorp, that the “official” provider would not be un-archived unless there was plans to prioritize and directly participate longterm in that sort of effort. We can see what they think though.

In the meantime for companies wishing to become partners with HashiCorp, information about that can be found in the Terraform Integration Program documentation which is linked in the README there under its older “Terraform Provider Development Program” name.

Hey @bflad,

Thanks for the quick reply and i eagerly await the answer of the product team !
If they sadly will/can not reverse the archive and allow me to maintain then i will just create a fork and do it that way.

Either way i thank you for your reply,

I also wanted to verify a licensing question.
If i was to create a new provider based on the code in the old archived project i would prefer to do so under the GPLv3 license, I see the current archived project is under mpl-2 is my change permissible ?

Hey again, @baobabfruit88. Most people would likely not feel comfortable providing any sort of legal/licensing advice here. I would recommend consulting a lawyer and/or reaching out to HashiCorp’s legal team regarding that particular type of question, since the original license was assigned to HashiCorp.

That being said, the Free Software Foundation does attempt to provide some guidance about this topic here, but I am not personally providing this link as any sort of legal advice: Various Licenses and Comments about Them - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

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