Roadmap for Google Provider?

Interested in adding google_container_cluster.cluster_autoscaling, but seems only available in the google-beta provider.

There are some parts of this feature the main provider.

Anyone know how long things are in the google-beta provider before they are ported over?

Looks like there is a Terraform AWS Provider Roadmap. Just saying. :slight_smile:

Hi @logan,

Iโ€™m not on the Google Cloud Platform provider team so I canโ€™t make an official comment here, but FWIW I believe the two GCP providers are largely auto-generated from the upstream GCP API schemas and so a feature graduates from beta to non-beta once it has similarly graduated in GCP itself; the provider distinctions are echoing a distinction made by the GCP API services.

I just added the beta provider for now. Makes sense about probably just following the upstream API. Thanks for replying.