Roadmap for Terraform Dynamic Provider Credentials

We are currently testing Dynamic provider credentials that we had been waiting for long, for our customers:


We noticed, currently this feature is in BETA and so we wanted to check when this feature is coming out of beta and will be supported generally.

Hi @amit.naudiyal,

The information in the announcement and the documentation is all of the information currently available. If that does not include any information about graduation to generally available then that information is not yet available. The documentation will be updated once there is more information to share.

Typically a feature can graduate to generally available sooner if there’s positive feedback to give confidence that it’s ready, so if you’ve tried the beta and found it useful it could help to send information about what you tried and what your experience was to HashiCorp Support, who can then pass that information on to the product team.

Thank you for your response @apparentlymart @