Route53 - Alias name adding "." to end such as "" instead of ""

Hello All,

I am new to Terraform and have a max of a few hours in the program. I reported this issue on github but also wanted to cross post here. Does anyone have suggestions or a workaround besides going into aws and removing the period from the alias url?

If this is ran below, it goes to aws as**.** instead of

resource “aws_route53_record” “web_secondary” {
zone_id = “xxxxxx”
name = “
type = “A”
set_identifier = “Secondary”

alias {
name = #aws_s3_bucket.b.website_domain
zone_id = aws_s3_bucket.b.hosted_zone_id
evaluate_target_health = false


failover_routing_policy {
type = “SECONDARY”


Hi @van-deezy,

I’m not a Terraform expert so I can’t comment specifically on the AWS module. However, this seems to like completely normal & expected behavior for configuring a fully qualified domain name.

A fully qualified domain name is distinguished by its lack of ambiguity: it can be interpreted only in one way. It usually consists of a host name and at least one higher-level domain (label) separated by the symbol “.” and always ends in the top-level domain.


See also

Hey Blake,

Thanks for the response. It turned out to be another issue from an earlier setup that was not properly cleaned up. Seems this is “normal” as you said but if you do it manually on the page it by pointing to the resource it leaves the trailing dot out.

Anyway, user issue not program :slight_smile:

Enjoy your Friday night

Glad to hear you figured it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy your evening as well!