Run lookup inside of templatefile

Possible feature. I am managing secrets using SOPS and Terragrunt. I’d like to create a map in locals / inputs and pass this map to terraform with a bunch of account numbers and have look up pluck out the correct map for the templatefile function.

Is this something that might be possible for a future feature or just something not really possible.

Reasoning is I use maps and for_each for creating resources and make associations to dependencies using lookup and a key name that match outputs from modules. The arch makes it so I don’t have to redefine modules but without the possibility of lookup inside of the templatefile I am forced to redefine a module to pass it a variable with the secrets per instance. (i’d end of with 3 modules instead of 1 in my - wack)

policy = templatefile("../${path.root}/policies/bucketPolicies/${each.key}.json", lookup( var.accounts, each.value.accounts, "account not found") )

module "bucket-policies" {
    source          = "../modules/bucketPolicies"
    globals         = var.globals
    bucket-policies = var.bucket-policies

variable "bu-bucket-policies" {
    type = map
    default = {
         bu-policy = {
            provider = "aws"
            bucket = "cbsi-bu-dpt-sftp"
            accounts = "bu"  <-- look up would use bu to link to secret

Did you ever figure this out? I am having a similar issue with using lookup the way you do.

I was able to pass the policies by encrypting them in their entirety and passing it as a string/input value to Terraform. From there I used ToMap() to generate a map I can run lookup on. :wink: (it’s ugly but it works)