Running waypoint exec from Github Actions

When I try to run a Waypoint command from Github Actions, the command gets successfully executed, but does not not exit, causing the action to continue running until it times out.

Ultimately, I want to run migrations, using waypoint exec bundle exec rake db:migrate, but even simple commands like waypoint exec ls give similar results.

Originally I thought this might be a bug in the hashicorp/action-setup-waypoint action, but I manually installed the binary inside my action, with similar results.

This makes me suspect that there is a bug somewhere between Waypoint and Github Actions, but I am not sure how to debug this. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I have been able to reproduce this problem more concisely:

  • Run the waypoint server locally, ensuring advertise-addr is correctly set
  • cd waypoint-examples/docker/ruby
  • waypoint up
  • nohup waypoint exec ls

The process hangs, and does not exit.

As far as I can tell, the code gets stuck in this loop, waiting on cancel.

Hello! Will you please file a GitHub Issue for this? That would help us track this problem and dig into it. Thank you!

Thanks for the response.

I created this issue:

As follow-up, this issue is expected to be addressed in Waypoint 0.1.6, which should be released in the next week or so.


Hello! We have fixed the issue and back-ported it. You will automatically get the fix in our next release, which we expect to come sometime next week. If you would like to see the fix now, you can build off of the main branch.

Thank you for reporting the issue!

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